I have never had a facial before and I'm glad I didn't until today. This was a very positive experience. Communication, atmosphere, and the entire process was amazing. 100% recommend anyone wanting a facial or any of the other services offered.

 - Sierra T. 9/17/2020

The entire staff is friendly, and Tami C. is amazing. This lady is very educated and passionate about her job. My skin is looking better thanks to you!

-Joyce H 9/1/2020

Tammy was extremely knowledgeable and very gentle with my Botox. I’ve been getting Botox injections for 10+ years and hers was by far the best!! Zero pain. The Front office was very welcoming and friendly. They took the time to discuss my daily skincare regimen and gave me insight on different products. I highly recommend this office...it’s sparkling clean and super modern...top notch!

-Mandy S. 8/7/2020

I had the best experience at Shea. Every “touch point” was a ten. Great reception, Superior provider, gentle and competent!!!!! Excellent and efficient check out. Don’t delay-make your appointment today.

-Lois S. 7/31/2020

Wonderful and knowledgeable staff that go above and beyond! Cannot recommend enough! I would rate 10 of out of 5 stars if I could :)

-Nichole T. 7/6/2020

Mandy and the entire staff are so helpful. Each person has been friendly and encouraging every week I have been there!
-Chelsey C. 8/31/2020


I am a 51 year old female that started noticing over the last several years that when I sneeze I cross my legs to avoid an accident, when I bend down I leak urine, and I had issues while exercising. It has slowly gotten worse and I found myself paranoid and avoiding certain activities. I had considered a more invasive vaginal treatment over the last couple years when I discovered the Emsella chair. It is non-invasive, easy, and pain free. I love the results I have been experiencing and plan to continue with enhancement treatments!
 - Brittany D  6/13/20


Dear Dr Bass
I decided to do a series of Emsella treatments to see if it would help with the stress urinary incontinence I experienced with coughing, sneezing, and being away from home with a full bladder. After 6 treatments I can say beyond the shadow of a doubt, it improved that problem completely. In addition, as an unexpected bonus, it also seems to have completely fixed another problem I was having. For about the last 10 years I have had “leakage” after having a bowel movement. I believe a very long episiotomy I had about 50 years ago caused a weak area in my anal sphincter, and it got worse as my muscle mass declined. It became very difficult to keep that area clean, as it would continue to ooze after a bowel movement. Much to my surprise and extreme joy, the Emsella treatments have totally erased that problem! I can’t thank you enough! You have made my life much, much more pleasant! I was about convinced I would have to make an appointment and try to explain all that to a surgeon with the hope something could be done. Again, thank you and Emsella so very much!
- Margie N. 6/11/20


I want to tell you how much I appreciate the BTL EMSELLA procedure. It even worked after the first procedure!! I was having to wear pads whenever I went out away from home. When the urge hit to void at home my bladder would let loose when just feet away from bathroom. Needless to say I was changing underwear, shorts, jeans and pjs several times a day and night. I no longer wear pads when shopping, traveling, hiking or to Church. I would recommend this procedure very highly and believe anyone considering will have the same unbelievable results and peace of mind.

- Cathleen Burress, 6/10/20


The staff is professional and friendly.

-Nancy Woods 6/5/20


Mandy and the entire staff are so helpful. Each person has been friendly and encouraging every week I have been there!

-Chelsey Kinser 6/4/20


I was so ready to resume my skin care routines after the COVID shut down. I enjoyed a hydra-facial with Tami C. today. As alway, the service was amazing. Next week I'll catch up with Tammy A. Can't wait.

- Susie Boyd 6/3/20


I love the welcome I received when I arrived at Shea Aesthetic Clinic, so very friendly and open! Tammy was very informative with my questions and helped elevate any concerns I had during my visit. I can’t wait to get back to this wonderful group!

- Paula Rolen 2/12/20


Great staff and facilities! Loved my experience and highly recommend

- Rachel Spears 2/11/20


I am so happy that I took the time to visit Shea Aesthetic Clinic and discover their services. Great customer service and knowledge. Mandy is amazing! Shea Aesthetic is my skin care "go to" from now on. The look and feel of my face has improved and others have noticed too.

- Pamela Reeves 2/7/20


I had the best experience at Shea today for my dermaplaning + HydraFacial! Tammy was so friendly and super knowledgeable. I will totally make this a monthly routine!

- Ali Daugherty 2/6/20


My skin looks great after my HydraFacial!

- Jennifer Hall 1/31/20


I went in for my first HydraFacial today and loved it! Also got some very helpful suggestions about my skincare routine so my skin will be its best for my May wedding!

- Emily Ziegler 1/30/20


Professional, inviting, and friendly! From a Repeating Customer!!!

- Heather Stewart 1/28/20


This is a wonderful new med spa in Oak Ridge! Met the Medical Director today and have seen a nurse twice. The entire office is wonderful to work with. Extremely friendly and outgoing. So glad you are here!!

- Pryce Palmer 1/27/20


I absolutely loved the HydraFacial I had with Tammy today! I have already booked my appointment for next month!

- Linda Carter 1/27/20


I absolutely love all of their staff! They are so helpful at figuring out what is best for your skin and what your needs are! The Hydrafacial is amazing and gives your skin an instant glow that lasts!

- Stevie Ogle 01/21


Great staff! Friendly and personable.

- Daniele Jaques 01/15


I just had my first visit yesterday. All of the staff is very nice. Looking forward to my second visit.

- Angela Russell 01/15


Tami was so wonderful and made me feel right at home during my treatments. She is such a sweet heart and did a phenomenal job. Will happily use her services again!

- Stephanie Pieroni 01/14


Just had an eye Perk along with a hydra facial. Another awesome procedure offered by Shea. Tami C. is an amazing esthetician. Thank you!

- Suzie Boyd 01/10


I have experience the best service at Shea’s, I would recommend these ladies to all.Very professional,kind and courteous to all.Hands down the best.

- Shirley Cook 01/10


Had the most relaxing and wonderful facial today! Thank you to the wonderful staff. High end, welcoming, rooms and services. Perfect gift. I'm glowing

- Sarah Green 01/09


Aging is inevitable; honestly, it is hard on my ego! Since it occurs, I want my process to occur slowly with a very natural appearance. At Shea Aesthetics, the staff listened and heard what is important to me regarding my desirable look. My results are subtle & natural-looking! This gives me confidence and contributes to my attitude! I’ll be a repeating client! Thanks Shea Aesthetics!

- Heather Stewart 01/08


Great staff. Very welcoming. Explained the process. Very relaxing!

- Lyssa Zimmerman 12/26


I could not have felt more pampered . The facial was amazing.

- Linda Carter 12/23


Tammy is Excellent! Care is always client-centered! All staff professional and friendly! Thank you for A+++ Treatment!

- Kimberly Faye Gibson 12/22


This is the BEST place to go to for all your aesthetic needs! I received a hydrafacial with Tami and had the best experience. I was asked even days after what I do to my face to get it to “glow” like it was!! The staff is wonderful and is always making sure you are cared for every second you are there. I highly recommend to everyone!

- Kendal Kennedy 12/20


I had the Hydrafacial and it was very relaxing. It removed lots of dirt from my pores. Definitely will have this done again. I also have laser hair removal and it works great.

- Angela Otey 11/06


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