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With InMode™ Forma™ you can undergo nonsurgical skin tightening treatments and resolve skin laxity, crepiness, fine lines and wrinkles. The skin care experts at Shea Aesthetic Clinic in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, provide in-office skin tightening treatments so that you can reverse the effects of aging without surgery. Click on the online scheduler to book your skin tightening consultation today, or call or text the office to speak with a team member directly.

Skin Tightening: To lift and tighten wrinkly, loose, sagging skin

How does skin tightening work?


Skin tightening with the revolutionary Forma device allows you to revitalize your skin and get back that youthful, elastic firmness. * The science behind Forma involves using a handheld applicator to deliver Radiofrequency energy to underlying skin tissues. 

The Radiofrequency energy from Forma stimulates a cascade of healing events. In this process, collagen and elastin fiber production are increased causing your skin to tighten and smooth over the following weeks. 


Which areas can be treated for skin tightening?


Shea Aesthetic Clinic proudly offers skin tightening treatment packages designed to enhance your skin’s appearance just about anywhere on your body. Not only can Forma skin tightening treatments minimize the appearance of crow’s-feet, forehead lines, sagging eyelids, and other age-related facial imperfections, it can help tighten skin on your:

  • Upper arms
  • Décolleté 
  • Abdomen 
  • Knees 
  • Neck 

No stubborn area is too large or too small for Forma skin tightening! Your aesthetician at Shea Aesthetic Clinic is dedicated to ensuring any loose, wrinkly skin becomes a thing of your past. 


When can I expect results with skin tightening?


You should notice that your skin looks and feels tighter shortly after your second or third Forma skin tightening session. For optimal results, the team at Shea Aesthetic Clinic recommends a series of six to eight treatments, each scheduled one week apart. You will see maximal results six to eight weeks after completing your skin tightening treatment series. 

Because the effects of aging are going to continue to take a toll on your skin, it’s beneficial to visit Shea Aesthetic Clinic a couple of times per year (or as recommended) for maintenance skin tightening treatments. 

You can tone and tighten your skin by getting started on noninvasive skin tightening treatments at Shea Aesthetic Clinic. Book your consultation online, text or call the practice for more information.  

*Individual results may vary.

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