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If you struggle with urinary incontinence, Shea Aesthetic Clinic now offers a very effective treatment that is non-surgical, non-invasive and not embarrassing. It is accomplished simply by sitting, completely clothed, in the EMSELLA chair! We are the first and ONLY medical practice in ALL of East Tennessee to offer this groundbreaking technology. Dr. Bass or one of our team members can help determine if this treatment is appropriate for you. To set up an evaluation at Shea, call or text us.

   Urinary Incontinence Treatment

Dr. Kirk Bass Explains Emsella, a Non-invasive, Comfortable Treatment for Urinary Incontinence








EMSELLA has revolutionized the treatment for those suffering from urinary incontinence!

You will love Emsella! Now your urinary incontinence can be effectively treated while you sit comfortably and FULLY CLOTHED in a chair. You will NEVER be asked to undress at any time during the initial evaluation or treatment! The EMSELLA chair uses a specialized MRI type of magnet to contract ALL the muscles of the pelvic floor. This occurs over 10,000 times during each treatment. The contractions provide focused physical therapy to ALL the muscles that keep urine where it is supposed to be.


The EMSELLA device has been rigorously studied and is FDA approved to treat urinary incontinence in men and women. The medical studies show that 75% of patients treated with EMSELLA had a significant reduction in urinary leakage. 33% of patients were completely cured. These results are much better than the medications typically prescribed for this problem AND this treatment has NO adverse side effects. On RealSelf, 90% of patients described this treatment as "Worth It."


What is urinary incontinence?


Uncontrollable urinary leaks


Do you struggle with uncontrollable urinary leaks?


So many of us have problems with urine leaking uncontrollably when we run, jump, laugh, and sneeze. Because of this problem, we have to plan our outfits, make sure we bring our pads, learn where the bathrooms are located everywhere we go and spend too much time thinking about this truly bothersome problem. Urinary incontinence can affect EVERY aspect of our lives.

For some, the embarrassment and anxiety caused by this problem can even lead to depression, missed time at work, loss of sexual intimacy and confidence, and avoidance of exercise. Lack of adequate physical activity contributes to obesity and poor physical fitness which will worsen this already awful issue.

If you or one of your friends is struggling with urinary incontinence, please contact us. Our top-rated, board-certified physician and the caregivers at Shea Aesthetic Clinic offer a specialized treatment protocol for urinary incontinence that is built around EMSELLA and the lifestyle modifications you can do at home to make urinary incontinence nothing more than a memory.



Testimonial about Emsella from one of our patients


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Shea Aesthetic Clinic is grateful to have the opportunity to help you say good bye to this very bothersome problem!
Get ready to laugh, run and jump again!

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